Welcome to the website of our kennel Majosháza Réme!

bemutatangoljobbMy name is Ignac Toth - golden wreath master breeder from the kennel Majosháza Réme. We live in Majosháza, we are starting breed caucasian mountain dogs since 1991. We have many champion dogs, and very good bloodlines. We are breed fanciers, advocates, and guardians. Puppies available occasionally by reservation.
kupak1Our puppy buyers are welcome to visit the home of Majosháza Réme in Hungary!!
Some words about our Caucasian Shephers: These great dogs look on us and our families with such genuine tenderness that we forget our problems under the gaze of these great smiling bears - their confidence, reliability and protectiveness bring security to our homes and our lives.

kupak2Looking at our wonderful dogs, we hope that you see what we see : the Caucasian Ovcharka is not simply beautiful, it is irresistible, it is splendid !We breed the best temperament Ovcharka: alert, intelligent, dedicated family protectors who are also calm, gentle, loving and heart-warming companions. Esquire dogs work as they were always intended to work: providing security for their homes while fitting into a family environment..
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